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The Maughan Group


Solid-state and inorganic materials chemistry for renewable energy

Est. 2021

Department of Chemistry

Colorado School of Mines

Welcome to the Maughan group!

Established in 2021 in the Chemistry department at Colorado School of Mines, the Maughan group is aimed at developing structure-dynamics-property relationships in functional solid-state materials for applications in renewable energy. Inspired by the grand challenge of “Materials by Design”, our research emphasizes crystal-chemical control through targeted synthesis of solid-state materials for a diverse range of potential applications, from renewable energy generation in perovskite halide semiconductors to safe and energy-dense energy storage technologies. Our research is highly interdisciplinary by nature, existing at the interface of chemistry, physics, and materials engineering. Students in the Maughan group are trained in solid-state and inorganic materials synthesis, X-ray and neutron scattering, and materials property measurements. Students in this program will have the opportunity to perform experiments at X-ray and neutron scattering facilities and to interface with the nearby National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL).

We are looking to grow!

The Maughan group is looking for enthusiastic researchers!

Postdoctoral Scholars

Interested in joining us as a postdoctoral scholar? Please contact Annalise directly.

Graduate Students

Graduate students enrolled in a degree program at Mines and are interested in joining the group are encouraged to reach out to Annalise via email.

Prospective graduate students interested in the Applied Chemistry or Materials Science doctorate programs at Colorado School of Mines are welcome to reach out to Annalise via email to learn more.


Applied Chemistry program:

Materials Science program:

Undergraduate Students

Undergraduate students that are excited to begin research are encouraged to reach out to Annalise. No prior experience is necessary, although it is preferable that undergraduate researchers have completed general chemistry I and II and the respective laboratory courses.

Get in touch!

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