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The Maughan Group is now supported by an NSF CAREER Award! Thanks to the Division of Materials Research Solid State Materials Chemistry Program!


Lucy Metzroth graduated with her M.S. in Materials Science, and began a new position as a Senior Innovation Technology Consultant at Xcel Energy! Congratulations Lucy!


Applied Chemistry graduate student Abby Cardoza joins the group. Welcome Abby!


Materials Science graduate student Alex Hughes joins the group on a Coorstek Fellowship. Welcome Alex!


Sinclair's presentation at the Colorado Center for Advanced Ceramics (CCAC) Conference is awarded Best-Judged Talk Award! Congratulations Sinclair!


Annalise, Eric Toberer, and Alex Zevalkink are awarded NSF funding for their workshop on Integrating Large Language Models into the Materials Chemistry Curriculum!


Graduate student Dylan Neau joins the group for a 5-month internship from Université de Bordeaux. Welcome Dylan!


ICECRM REU undergraduate researchers Eleni Ziu and Rae Earnest join the group for the summer! Welcome! 


Connor graduated with his MS in Chemistry, and begins a new position as a Low/Zero Emissions Vehicle Specialist with the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment! Congratulations Connor!


Annalise was awarded the Chemistry Department's Outstanding Faculty Award!


Connor's 560 Presentation was selected for the Chemistry Department's Outstanding Graduate Student Presentation Award! Congratulations Connor!


Lucas was selected to receive a SURF award for summer undergraduate research! Congratulations Lucas!


Shelby is awarded the Materials Science VPRTT Fellowship for her proposal! Congratulations Shelby!


Connor passes his Master's Thesis Defense! Congratulations Connor!


Annalise was awarded the NREL Foundation's Outstanding Woman in STEM Award! 


Connor and Sinclair were selected as poster award winners at the GRADS symposium! Congratulations Sinclair and Connor!


Renovations to the Maughan Lab are FINISHED!


Akhil was hired as an undergraduate intern in the PV Reliability group at NREL! Congratulations Akhil!


Undergraduate Researchers Lucas Baker and Emily Stec (joint with Prof. Eve Mozur, MME) join the group. Welcome Lucas and Emily!


Sinclair's poster was selected for a Poster Award at the Rocky Mountain Solid-State Chemistry Workshop! Congratulations Sinclair!  


Austin and Lucy were selected as winners of the Proposal Pitch competition at the Rocky Mountain Solid-State Chemistry Workshop! Congratulations Austin and Lucy!  


Materials Science graduate students Shelby Galinat and Amy Louks join the group! Welcome!


Kobi and Akhil were both selected for the MURF (Mines Undergraduate Research Fellowship) program for academic year 2022-2023! Congratulations Kobi and Akhil!


Dr. Philip Yox joins the group as a postdoctoral scholar! Welcome Phil!


Jordan was selected to receive the ASM Materials Education Foundation George A. Roberts Undergraduate Scholarship for exemplary academic and personal achievements! Congratulations Jordan!


Materials Science program graduate student Lucy Metzroth joins the group! Lucy is jointly advised between Profs. Maughan and Vyas. Welcome Lucy!


Jordan Sweeney from University of Florida joins the group for the summer as part of the NSF REU! Welcome Jordan!


Connor is selected to develop new Open Educational STEM Resources as part of the Online Technical Communication Center at Mines to help students with oral and written communication skills! Congratulations Connor!


Sinclair's poster for the Graduate Research and Discovery Symposium (GRADS) was awarded second place in the Environment and Energy Category! Congratulations Sinclair!


Sinclair's proposal for the Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer Materials Science Graduate Fellowship was awarded Honorable Mention! Congratulations Sinclair!


Sinclair's Review "Designing Defects and Diffusion through Substitutions in Metal Halide Solid Electrolytes" has been accepted for publication to the Journal of the Electrochemical Society's Focus Issue on Women in Electrochemistry as Editor's Choice Open Access! Congratulations to Sinclair and co-authors Prof. Prashun Gorai and Dr. Paul Todd!


Applied Chemistry graduates student Sinclair Combs, Connor Ray, and Austin Shotwell join the group! Welcome!


Annalise joins the Materials@Mines Materials Science Program as a faculty member


Undergraduate researchers Akhil Gupta and Kobi Hobert join the Maughan group! Welcome Kobi and Akhil!


Annalise arrives at Colorado School of Mines. 

Group Photos

Fall 2022 Group Photo

Maughan Group, Fall 2022 Top Row (L-R): Phil Yox, Shelby Galinat, Lucy Metzroth, Sinclair Combs Front Row (L-R): Annalise Maughan, Akhil Gupta, Connor Ray, Amy Louks, Kobi Hobert, Austin Shotwell

Akhil uses a glass-blowing torch to make fused quartz ampoules for solid-state reactions!

Austin shows off his first ampoule exhibiting the "Wizard Hat" effect!

Sinclair winning at giant Jenga.

Kobi checks the temperature of his reaction using an IR thermometer.

Maughan group first X-ray beamtime!

Congratulations to Austin and Lucy, who both won awards for their Proposal Pitches at the Rocky Mountain Solid-State Chemistry Conference! :) :( :)

Group Photo

Maughan group Fall 2021 From L to R: Akhil Gupta, Kobi Hobert, Austin Shotwell, Sinclair Combs, Annalise Maughan, Connor Ray


Congratulations to Sinclair! Her poster was selected for a poster award at the Rocky Mountain Solid-State Chemistry Conference!


Kobi uses a glass-blowing torch to make fused quartz ampoules for solid-state reactions!


Sinclair presents her work at the ACS Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting in Laramie, WY.


Dr. Phil Yox presents his work at the ACS Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting in Laramie, WY.


Group conference trip to Laramie, WY for ACS Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting


Austin presents his work at the ACS Rocky Mountain Regional Meeting in Laramie, WY.


Lucas presents his summer undergraduate research at the Mines SURF symposium.

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