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Meet the group!

Principal Investigator

Prof. Annalise Maughan

Annalise grew up in Tucson, AZ. Looking to escape the desert heat, she attended Northern Arizona University at 7000 feet where she majored in Chemistry and minored in Mathematics while researching inorganic sandwich complexes under Prof. Stephanie Hurst. After her time at NAU, Annalise came down in altitude to Fort Collins, CO for her graduate work at Colorado State University. Working with Prof. Jamie Neilson, her research focused on understanding structure-property relationships in new perovskite halide semiconductors. After earning her Ph.D., Annalise moved to the National Renewable Energy Laboratory under a Director's Postdoctoral Fellowship researching new solid-state electrolytes for all-solid-state batteries. 

In her free time, Annalise enjoys downhill skiing, road cycling, board games, knitting, plants, fantasy and sci-fi books, and finding cool rocks.


amaughan -at- mines -dot- edu

Postdoctoral Scholars

Dr. Philip Yox

Philip was born and raised in Mt. Pleasant, TX. He completed his undergraduate education at Concordia University Nebraska in 2017 with a double major in Chemistry and Physics. During his undergraduate studies, Philip was inspired to pursue graduate studies by an NSF funded REU studying exfoliation of 2D materials at the University Nebraska Lincoln with Prof. Sinitskii. Philip completed his Ph.D. in 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Kovnir and Prof. Vela at Iowa State University. During his Ph.D., Philip used exploratory synthesis techniques to discover new pnictide materials with extended frameworks. Philip enjoys tackling synthetic challenges and crystal growth of materials and analyzing the physical properties. His general research interests include the discovery of new crystalline materials- especially those with energy related applications not limited to but including thermoelectrics and batteries.

Outside of research, Philip enjoys playing tennis and going on hikes. He also is an amateur pipe organist.


pyox -at- mines -dot- edu

Graduate Researchers

Sinclair Combs

Sinclair is from North Bend, WA, a small mountain community east of Seattle and known more favorably as the town in Twin Peaks. Sinclair then moved to Tacoma to attend Pacific Lutheran University, where she received a B.S. in chemistry and a B.A. in mathematics. During her time in the chemistry department at PLU, Sinclair primarily did research on blending ionically and electronically conductive polymers for use as semiconducting layers in p-doped organic electrochemical transistors. Over in the math department, she researched multi-dimensional derivations of the Schrodinger equation. Now, Sinclair is a Ph.D. student in the applied chemistry program at Colorado School of Mines with research interests in solid-state ion conduction mechanisms and disordered crystal lattice systems.Beyond academia, she loves reptiles, foraging, making collages, beer, fly fishing, and reading a good book in her backyard hammock. Sinclair is a dedicated parent to her cat, ball python, crested gecko, and a small jungle of houseplants.


sinclaircombs -at- mines -dot- edu

Shelby Galinat

Shelby is from Boise, Idaho and got her chemistry degree from the University of Utah in 2022. As an undergraduate in Dr. Matt Sigman’s research group, she synthesized electrolytes and computationally modeled their solubility for non-aqueous redox flow batteries. After hopping across the Rocky Mountains to Mines, Shelby is now in the materials science PhD program and is excited to research renewable energy storage technologies as a member of the Maughan group.


When not thinking about batteries, Shelby loves to be outside, especially mountain biking, climbing, skiing, taking pictures of flowers, picking berries, and petting dogs.


shelbygalinat -at- mines -dot- edu

Alex grew up in Waukegan, Illinois. He attended Michigan State University, where he enjoyed competitive rowing and graduated with degrees in Russian and Materials Science. He spent two years learning too much about truck manufacturing before returning to academia to pursue a PhD in Materials Science. He is a recipient of the CoorsTek fellowship with current projects focusing on battery electrolytes. In his free time, he enjoys hiking, video games, and tabletop RPGs.

Hughes Headshot.jpg

alexander_hughes -at- mines -dot- edu

Amy Louks

Amy is from Boise, Idaho and got her B.S. in chemical engineering from Colorado School of Mines in 2019. Between 2019 and 2022, Amy was working in the perovskite thin film solar cell group at the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) developing new deposition processes that push the efficiency of lead-halide perovskites while also increasing their stability. Now, as a materials science Ph.D. student in the Maughan group, she will work on taking those processes and use them to produce high performing larger area perovskite solar cells.


When not in lab, she enjoys going to concerts, playing board games, climbing, learning how to sew, and playing with her cat.


alouks -at- mines -dot- edu

Lucy Metzroth
(joint with Prof. Shubham Vyas)

Lucy Metzroth has her B.S. in Chemistry from Metropolitan State University in Denver, CO and B.A.S in International Affairs from the University of Colorado, Boulder. She is in the Materials Science PhD program at Colorado School of Mines focusing on materials for renewable energy applications. Some interests include crystallography, solid state batteries and materials modeling. Outside of science Lucy enjoys being in the mountains with her dog, Yoshi, and has recently taken up roller skating. Lucy was awarded the National Science Foundation Graduate Research Fellowship in 2022. 

Lucy Photo.jpeg

lmetzroth -at- mines -dot- edu

Austin Shotwell

Originally from the small town of McCall, Idaho, Austin spent his undergraduate career east of the Mississippi at Centre College. A well-rounded square, he received degrees in Politics and Chemistry, graduating summa cum laude and with departmental honors. His undergraduate research was multifaceted and included investigating the development of a GC-MS method for the identification and quantification of congeners in white dog bourbon samples as well as interrogating the applicability of molecularly imprinted polymers for the recognition and selective binding of drugs and their biological metabolites. Austin is currently an applied chemistry Ph.D. student at the Colorado School of Mines working to develop solid-state electrolytes with potential applications in battery technologies.

When he is not burning the midnight oil, Austin enjoys alpine skiing, hiking, attempting to fix things, playing fetch with his cat, and generally making mischief.  

Austin 2.jpg

austinshotwell -at- mines -dot- edu

Alex Hughes

Undergraduate Researchers

Lucas Baker

Lucas was born and raised in Rome, Georgia. He has always had a love for STEM and the outdoors, which eventually lead him to Golden. He is currently studying chemistry and hopes to continue pursuing research and a Ph.D. in the field. Lucas is excited to bring his skills and enthusiasm to the research team and looks forward to learning from the group. In his free time, Lucas enjoys many outdoor activities such as highlining, climbing, and snowboarding.  


Lexi Collins

Hello! I am Lexi Collins, an Arizona native who ran to the cold of Colorado the first chance I got. I am majoring in Chemistry and minoring in Biology. Following my successful completion of the International Baccalaureate program at Desert Mountain High School, I decided to venture into the world of chemistry at the Colorado School of Mines. Alongside undergraduate research, I am an executive member of the Sigma Kappa sorority on campus, a General Chemistry TA, and a member of Mines Little Theatre. Outside of the educational realm, I enjoy reading, hiking, and painting.


Akhil Gupta

Akhil Gupta was born in Minneapolis, Minnesota but grew up in Fort Collins, Colorado. He has always been interested in science and engineering and has continued to follow this passion to an education at Mines. He is currently pursuing a degree in Metallurgy and Materials Engineering. He hopes to one day research materials to improve nuclear technology and help decrease reliance on fossil fuels. After graduating, Akhil is considering entering a graduate program to further his knowledge in this field.

Image from iOS.jpg

Kobi Hobert

Kobi is a chemical engineering major at Mines. He was born and grew up in Colorado. He has always had a strong interest in chemistry even since middle school. He loves pugs and hiking. He hopes to move on after graduating into a Ph.D. program and research.


Emily Stec (joint with Prof. Eve Mozur, MME)

Emily Stec grew up in Golden, Colorado. After enjoying chemistry and math courses in school, she decided to stay in her hometown and pursue a Chemical Engineering degree at Mines. She loves just about any outdoor activity including hiking, climbing, snowboarding, and biking. After graduation, she is hoping to have a career in the renewable energy industry or work on reducing our carbon footprint to combat climate change.

picture of myself.jpg

Group Alumni

Connor Ray

MS Chemistry 2023


Low/Zero Emissions Vehicle Specialist, Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment

Jordan Sweeney

NSF Materials Science REU, Colorado School of Mines

Graduate student, Materials Science Program, Colorado School of Mines

Group Mascots






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