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Representative Publications

"Lowering the Activation Barriers for Ionic Conductivity through Orientational Disorder in the Cyanide Argyrodite Li6PS5CN"

Maughan*, Ha, Pekarek, Schulze, 

Chem. Mater.202133, 5127-5136. [doi]


"Review-Designing Defects and Diffusion through Substitutions in Metal Halide Solid Electrolytes" (Editor's Choice)

Combs, Todd, Gorai, Maughan*,

J. Electrochem. Soc.2022. [doi]


"Anharmonicity and octahedral tilting in hybrid vacancy-ordered double perovskite semiconductors"

Maughan, Ganose, Candia, Granger, Scanlon, Neilson, Chem. Mater.201830, 472-483. [doi]


Other representative publications can be accessed on Prof. Maughan's Google Scholar page.

If you are interested in any publications but cannot access them, please contact Prof. Maughan directly for a PDF copy.

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